About us


Who we are, what we make:

Fast Line Inspections®, founded 2007, is a leading provider of SealTesting inspection systems for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
Head office in Deurne and the machines are completely produced in the Netherlands (Helmond)
We combine cutting edge technology with rugged construction to produce high performance, reliable inspection equipment.
With the range of machines from FLI-SealTester-MAP1-M/L up to the FLI-SEalTester-MAP3-SE we can serve every customer with their own specified level of detecting leakages in plastic pouches.
Fast Line Inspections® focuses mainly on guarding quality on food products, nevertheless our machines are also capable in other parts of the industry. By browsing through the product web pages of our website or by contacting our customer service team you may find the long-awaited solution.
For information about how to obtain specific quality certificates for our products, please contact our customer service team.

Some key quality of our products:

The MAP1 is a unit that you can mount on an existing conveyor belt. So no extra length needed.
The maximum speed for the MAP1 is 80 pouches per minute
Max. speed MAP3 up to 180 pouches per minute
While accuracy is important, the FLI-SealTesters also check for the correct pouch thickness. This prevents jamming of the equipment further down the line, e.g. case packers
The MAP3-SE is a custom made MAP3 machine especially for Doypack and wet wipes.