Off-line testing


Off-line pouch testing with the FLI-SealTester-SAG
Pouch production is still a challenge since automatic packaging started.
The pouch must be closed to be able to bring the product fresh to the customer.
And hermetically closing a pouch is still a challenge.
Various innovative techniques and types of materials are used to achieve this.
However, it can still happen that leaky pouches reach the customer.
Consequence: Potential recalls, loss of brand equity and lost consumer confidence.
You, as quality manager, monitor the quality and safety of your products.
Fast Line Inspections® can help you detect leaking or weak seams in the pouches produced:
See it in this YouTube-video: The FLI-SealTesters
As you surely know, in-line leak detection remains one of the most challenging inspection applications.
The Fast Line Inspections® FLI-SealTesters-MAP1 is the answer to that.
But sometimes in-line testing is not possible due to lack of space on existing lines.
But our motto is: "Measuring is knowing" when it comes to checking pouches.
That is why Fast Line Inspections® has also developed an off-line option:
The FLI-SealTester-SAG (Stop-And-Go)
This offline version is non-destructive.
If the pouch has been tested and turns out to be good, it can simply be returned to the process.
So, no loss of expensive product.
The pouch is entered through the infeed belt (conveyor belt).
Once in the measuring unit, the infeed is stopped and this pouch is pressed with a measuring pressure to be set. The combination of measurement pressure and the adjustable test time determines whether the pouch is leaking.
If the pouch does not leak, the thickness does not change and is approved.
The unapproved pouch is blown out when leaving the FLI-SealTester-SAG.
  1. Non-destructive, and still being able to find micro-leaks.
  2. No more manual testing (or with a water bowl)
  3. Full registration of all tests. (The information is digitally available for your ERP software,
    each measurement is stored with measurement data and date-time stamp).
  4. Option to automatically take samples from the line. (So no longer dependent on the
    operator. In other words, no more manually filling in lists)
  5. Wide range in terms of size bags
  6. The design is based on our standard in-line FLI-SealTester-MAP1 version.
  7. Very low maintenance