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What is new for quality managers?

Again an update for all the (innovative) Quality-managers:
This update is for all the innovative Quality-managers that stand for the quality and safety of their own products.
The FLI-SealTester helps you find leaks or weak seams in pouches. And see it in this YouTube-video:

The FLI-SealTesters

As you surely will know, inline-leak detection remains one of the most challenging inspection applications.
The Fast Line Inspections® FLI-SealTester-MAP1-M/L is the answer to it.
Our motto is: "Measuring is Knowing" when it comes to checking pouches.

For more than 15 years Fast Line Inspections® is producing several types of inline SealTesters to test the integrity of flexible pouches.
Leaking pouches cause not only big trouble (pollution) further in the packaging line,
as well as loss of quality of the product ( and even re-calls!).

The price and capacity of the newest version of the FLI-SealTester-MAP1-M/L is such that the return on investment is less than a year, apart from the fact that manual checking is no longer possible due to higher speeds and possible causing health problems for the employees.
All products tested by the FLI-SealTesters are registered with the Date-Time stamp and result.
This data is available through the internet connection. So, tracking and tracing of faulty products is more reliable