FLI SealTester MAP3-S/M/L


About MAP3

Main differences between the MAP1 and MAP3:
  1. The MAP1 is a unit that you mount on an existing conveyor at a customer, the MAP3 needs to be put in line (which makes the line longer).
  2. The maximum speed for the MAP1 is 80 pouches per minute, the MAP3: up to 150-180 pouches per minute (depending on product and size).
  3. The belt-speed of the MAP1 needs to be much higher than with the MAP3.
  4. Accuracy on the MAP1 is much lower, but for dedicated customers (vegetables, crisps) more than enough.
  5. Although the accuracy is low on the MAP1 it is still a very good tool to flatten the pouches before entering a Case packing system. (Also minimum and maximum thickness will be measured to prevent oversized pouches enter the case)
  6. Cheaper.
The MAP3 has three identical measuring-units.
The pouch enters the MAP3 at the first measuring-unit. This first unit starts pressing the pouch (with a pre-defined pressure) and measuring it at the same time.
Then the pouch enters the middle position. This second position presses (and also measures to monitor the thickness while pressing) the pouch a little more (all adjustable on the screen), when there is a weak seam, this will cause gas to escape at this position.
After that the pouch enters the third position it is measured equal like on the first position.
When there is too much difference, the pouch is rejected. This difference (tolerance) can be adjusted etc. on the screen.